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These are the types of claim Jonathan Spencer has principally handled during his career to date. If you don't see what you are looking for, tell us and we can discuss whether or not we can conscientiously take it on. Successful claim outcomes revolve around a combination of factors, including thinking clearly, writing clearly, communicating clearly with assureds about underwriters’ expectations and insuring that surveyors produce coherent and comprehensive reports. These are all elements of the claim process that become second nature in the course of a successful career.    

  • Particular Average claims on all types of vessels including general cargo vessels, container carriers, car carriers, oil tankers, bulk carriers, liquefied natural gas carriers, dredges, tugs, barges, cruise ships, casino & dinner boats, yachts, fishing vessels and tuna clippers
  • General Average claims again involving all classes of vessels. Experience encompasses multi-bill-of-lading situations, ex and all cases, salvage and the adjustment of Special and particular charges
  • Cargo claims including casualty management, claims agency and claim adjustment
  •  Sue and Labor claims including apportionment of proceeds - all classes of vessels
  • Collision claims and recoveries - all classes of vessels
  • Liability claims under P&I and Charterers' liability insurances
  • Claims for Loss of Hire and/or earnings on various types of vessel, including Passage Money claims on cruise ships
  • Offshore oil pipelines and other offshore equipment
  • Builders' Risk claims, including the Canadian Navy Patrol Frigate Construction Program (1985-1995)
  • Ship repairers' liability
  • Casualty and claims management for marine underwriters

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